David Johnson of Cane Bay Explains the Importance of Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Every small business owner must be aware of the importance of online marketing today. While many owners have been using this technique for years, others continue to discount the necessity of being online. Time and money are two reasons why they may do so, but it is a mistake. Furthermore, some small business owners simply don’t care. However, consumers do care and turn to businesses that are online when they want a product, service or information.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing involves many tasks. For example, a website must be optimized for the search engines and their users. Social media marketing is critical as is email marketing. Fortunately, automated marketing solutions can be of help to individuals who either lack the time to cover all channels or don’t understand how best to do so. Business owners need to recognize the beneficial nature of the data that is collected from these marketing programs.

Isn’t Offline Marketing Enough?

Those businesses that don’t offer products online may feel offline marketing is all they need. Consumers, however, often rely on the internet for everyday tasks, such as determining where to eat, which store to visit, what activities they wish to take part in, and more. The internet is useful for more than simply shopping today, which is why every business must be online. Doing so increases the company’s brand visibility.

Online Shopping

Twenty-five percent of Americans now purchase one or more items online each week. Almost three-quarters of Facebook users visit the site daily, and smartphone users pick up their phone more than 1,000 times in the average week. Every company needs to remember this and make certain they are visible when the consumer visits the net.

If a small business owner needs help with his or her online marketing, David Johnson Cane Bay can be of help. He works with clients to implement online marketing solutions that move their company forward. The goal is for customers to remember the business exists when they wish to buy a product or service offered by the company. Consumers are online, thus every business must be on the internet too. He ensures his clients not only are online but can be easily found also.

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